Attorney Representing Employees in Missouri Wrongful Termination and Discrimination Cases

Evaluating your Case

The Daniel J. Voss law office is located in Kansas City, Missouri, representing employees throughout Missouri, and nationwide, who are victims of unlawful harassment or discrimination in the workplace.  These cases routinely involve sexual harassment, racial harassment, discrimination based on sex, pregnancy, age, disability, race or religion, as well as retaliation against employees who complain about discrimination in the workplace. His office also represents employees with overtime pay claims, employees who report illegal activities in the workplace (“whistle blowing”), and employees who are retaliated against for filing workers’ compensation claims.

Often, employees will use terms such as “wrongful termination” or “wrongful firing” when talking to an attorney.  We encourage you to call us if you think you were wrongfully terminated because of sexual harassment, racial harassment, or because of your sex, pregnancy, age, disability, race or religion or because you complained about discrimination (referred to as retaliation) or complained about an illegal activity (referred to as whistleblowing) at the workplace.

The Voss law office represents clients in mid-Missouri, including the Columbia, Moberly, Boonville, and Jefferson City areas. He is an attorney who also represents clients in St. Joseph, Princeton, Trenton, Chillicothe, Maryville, Bethany, Springfield, Branson, and Joplin areas in Missouri.  He is a lawyer who works hard to establish an office that efficiently helps, and achieves results for, those who have suffered physical, emotional, and economic injury because of workplace discrimination.

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Issues and Thoughts in Employment Law

Many potential clients who contact me say they need an attorney because they feel they were “wrongfully terminated.”

Wrongful termination is a lay term many people use in Missouri to describe what might be an underlying legal cause of action such as sexual harassment, pregnancy, gender, race, age, or disability discrimination or, perhaps, an actionable whistleblowing complaint or worker’s compensation filing that is a contributing factor in the employer’s decision to fire or demote an employee. That is why it is important to call an attorney who can ask you questions about the “wrongful termination” and circumstances leading to any such employment termination, demotion, or reduction in pay. There may be a legal cause of action under the Missouri Human Rights Act or another Missouri law. And employees should not hesitate to contact an attorney while still employed and before potential job problems arise.

It is a privilege to help others, so call or send me an e-mail if you have questions.